Founded in 2003

"I have had the privilege of working with Windy City for almost 10 years now. Danny and crew have hauled hundreds of loads for my company over the years and they have always provided an exceptional service. The best thing I could say about this company is that when they say they are going to do something that they do it. This gives me the ability to go home and sleep at night. I trust Windy City with one of my companies most important customers. I wish I had more carriers like Windy City".

Personal reference from a Fortune 500 Company

About us

We love getting to know our drivers and owner operators. As we are a family owned, we understand that many of the people who walk through our doors for that first meeting & application have families as well.

At Windy City Carriers, Inc. we come to work to make America move. How do goods go from the packaging line to homes across the country. We are proud to provide the service to help that happen. We get the freight where it needs to be.