Few Words About Us

Founded 2003
Windy City Carriers, Inc. is based in Niles, Il. Today, we have grown as a family owned business.


We love getting to know our drivers and owner operators. As we are a family owned, we understand that many of the people who walk through our doors for that first meeting & application have families as well.

At Windy City Carriers, Inc. We come to work to make America move. How do goods go from the packaging line to homes across the country. We are proud to provide the service to help that happen. We get the freight where it needs to be. Maintaining quality over quantity. Even after being in business for over 10 years, we believe in keeping our customers happy with quality owner operators, drivers and office personnel.

We are proud to say that we are in good standing relationships with all of our customers. ~At Windy City Carriers, Inc., we are a team!~

Before you book with just any trucking company, rest assured we are in for the long haul.
Let's move America together.

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